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Are you interested in selling your books, audiobooks or journals also as digital media? Do you want to expand the distribution of your ebooks, ejournals and audiobooks? Ciando will be your professional partner.


How does it work?



Our partner publishers send us data of books, journals or audiobooks. The books will be edited and offered by ciando and a plenty of other partner shops.

The clients directly download the ebooks on their PC, MAC, Laptop, eReader, Tablet or PDA. In addition the ebooks will be provided for the user "in the cloud". The data will be ciphered with DRM-Systems to protect copyrights. If desired your ebooks can be offered with watermark or free copy protection.


Benefits of Becoming an Ciando Partner



The strong growing demands of our partners show the acceptance of electronic books and journals in the market. The results are expansion rates unthinkable in the book market elsewhere. In addition ebooks and ejournals provide attractive contribution margins due to savings of printing and distribution costs.





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Further information

Get more information about ciando and a partnership with us. Please have a look at our online presentation and click here.




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