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ZIP! Tips - The Fastest Way to Get More Done

ZIP! Tips - The Fastest Way to Get More Done

of: Mike Song

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2013

ISBN: 9781609949167

Format: PDF

Copy protection: DRM

Windows PC,Mac OSX Apple iPad, Android Tablet PC's

Price: 21,19 EUR

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ZIP! Tips - The Fastest Way to Get More Done


Overloaded? Overwhelmed? Overworked? You need ZIP!Today, the fastest way to get more done is to focus on tech management-not time management. Mike Song, with the help of productivity superhero ",Z,", shows you that the secret is right at your fingertips. The devices and software you use every day have incredible time-saving features almost nobody knows about! Once you discover them you'll effortlessly boost your performance and zoom to your goals like never before. ZIP! to what matters most in a single click!Print long phrases in two keystrokes! Convert an Outlook email into a LinkedIn contact in three keystrokes! And so much more!",It takes guts to teach Microsoft leaders new ways to use our own technology. This book exceeded our expectations and had us all zipping along!",-Chuck Metzger, Senior Project Manager, Microsoft ",ZIP Tips make your entire organization better, smarter, and faster!",-Elaine Hetu, Director, Six Sigma Training and Career Development, McKesson",ZIP Tips help our busy salespeople soar!",-Brenda Davis, Senior Manager, Worldwide Sales Training, United Airlines