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Modulation of Presynaptic Calcium Channels

of: Gary Stephens, Sumiko Mochida

Springer-Verlag, 2013

ISBN: 9789400763340 , 365 Pages

Format: PDF

Copy protection: DRM

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Modulation of Presynaptic Calcium Channels


This book will bring together leading international experts to discuss recent advances in basic scientific knowledge regarding the regulation of presynaptic Ca2+ channels. Importantly, Ca2+ channels represent one of the most widely modulated proteins in the body, being the target of a range of effector pathways and drugs; this range will be fully represented here. A number of therapeutic drugs target the Ca2+ channel complex, including the anti-epileptic gabapentinoid and analgesic ziconotide drugs and the pharmaceutical industry is searching for Ca2+ channel blocking drugs, particularly in the pain, epilepsy, ataxia and migraine areas. Such potential future therapies will be discussed here. Scientific disciplines will focus on electrophysiological studies, but will extend to neuroscience, genetics and biochemical areas. The work described will represent advances at the cutting edge of current neuroscience research and is timely and highly appropriate for the Springer book series.