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Neural Networks in QSAR and Drug Design

Neural Networks in QSAR and Drug Design

of: James Devillers

Elsevier Trade Monographs, 1996

ISBN: 9780080537382 , 284 Pages

Format: PDF

Copy protection: DRM

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Price: 163,03 EUR

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Neural Networks in QSAR and Drug Design


Comprehensive and impeccably edited, Neural Networks in QSAR and Drug Design is the first book to present an all-inclusive coverage of the topic. The book provides a practice-oriented introduction to the different neural network paradigms, allowing the reader to easily understand and reproduce the results demonstrated. Numerous examples are detailed, demonstrating a variety of applications to QSAR and drug design.
The contributors include some of the most distinguished names in the field, and the book provides an exhaustive bibliography, guiding readers to all the literature related to a particular type of application or neural network paradigm. The extensive index acts as a guide to the book, and makes retrieving information from chapters an easy task. A further research aid is a list of software with indications of availablility and price, as well as the editors scale rating the ease of use and interest/price ratio of each software package. The presentation of new, powerful tools for modeling molecular properties and the inclusion of many important neural network paradigms, coupled with extensive reference aids, makes Neural Networks in QSAR and Drug Design an essential reference source for those on the frontiers of this field.

Key Features
* Presents the first coverage of neural networks in QSAR and Drug Design
* Allows easy understanding and reproduction of the results described within
* Includes an exhaustive bibliography with more than 200 references
* Provides a list of applicable software packages with availability and price