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Nyn ernaly

of: C.A. Oliver

Books on Demand, 2018

ISBN: 9782322148943 , 432 Pages

Format: ePUB

Copy protection: DRM

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Price: 9,99 EUR

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Nyn ernaly


Nyn Ernaly is the second of six novels that together makes the 'Tales of the Llewenti Islands'. This book centres around the Wood of Silver Leaves in the island of Nyn Ernaly, where torrents and waterfalls cut through the steep cliffs. Man's expansion across the islands knows no bound and Dyoren, the Lonely Seeker, must risk his life to hinder the systematic destruction of the forest. Sheltered somewhere within these deep, ancient woods is the sacred tomb of the Elvin Smith, Rowe Dol Nargrond. His forbidden will was buried with him. The knights of the Golden Hand, dreaded servants of High Elf King Norelin, will stop at nothing to seize the legendary Testament of Rowe, as other Elvin factions rally to stop them.

C.A Oliver was born in 1971. He spent most of his youth in Bordeaux, but also studied for several years in Oxford and was greatly influenced by his numerous stays in Great Britain. Working as financial executive in the entertainement industry, de developed extensive experience in international finance. As a former war game player and role playing game master, he created his own strategic game to entertain his best friends, which he developed over a period of more than ten years. In the early 2000s, C.A. Oliver began to devise the 'Tales of the Llewenti Islands' and developed a complex geopolitical and historical environment which is the setting for the six books of the series. He now lives between Paris and Rio de Janeiro.