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The New PL/I - ... for PC, Workstation and Mainframe

of: Eberhard Sturm

Vieweg+Teubner (GWV), 2009

ISBN: 9783834893178 , 304 Pages

Format: PDF, Read online

Copy protection: DRM

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Price: 66,99 EUR

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The New PL/I - ... for PC, Workstation and Mainframe


This classic textbook by Eberhard Sturm is the only up-to-date PL/I book currently available in the English language which shows the range of the new PL/I on the computer platforms OS/2, Windows, AIX and z/OS - the basis being the new PL/I compiler from IBM. The language was extended by the package concept, abstract data types, attributes to communicate with C programs and more than a hundred BUILTIN functions.
The book provides the basis for certification as an 'IBM Certified PL/I Programmer/Developer'.
Suitable for self-study, it introduces all areas of the language. It is a useful source of ideas and information for those programmers who already have a certain level of experience as well as those who only want to discover the variety of new language features.

Eberhard Sturm is a physicist at the Center for Information Processing at the University of Muenster, Germany. He works in consulting, research and teaching.