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Johannine Studies 1975-2017

Johannine Studies 1975-2017

of: Francis J. Moloney

Mohr Siebeck , 2017

ISBN: 9783161551086 , 660 Pages

Format: PDF

Copy protection: DRM

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Price: 189,00 EUR

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Johannine Studies 1975-2017


The voice of Francis J. Moloney has been heard in Johannine studies for many decades. This volume gathers shorter journal articles from a publishing career that began in 1975, placing them together with new studies that appear for this first time, and thus complementing Moloney's already well-known commentary and scholarly monographs on the Fourth Gospel. The author's work has encompassed all areas of Johannine scholarship - the world that produced and first received the Fourth Gospel, its theology and Christology, and critical analysis of much-discussed passages. Well known for his extensive use of narrative and reader-response criticism, Francis J. Moloney has in more recent years developed an interpretation of the gospel which suggests that the author(s) of this narrative regarded their work as the 'completion' of scripture. This unique collection therefore not only provides the past publications of a significant Johannine scholar, but also reflects the development of Johannine scholarship from 1975 until today.