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Eliminating Government - The Design of an Application of Mass Bargaining

of: Ricardo Temporal

BookBaby, 2016

ISBN: 9781483566801 , 252 Pages

Format: ePUB

Copy protection: DRM

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Price: 9,39 EUR

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Eliminating Government - The Design of an Application of Mass Bargaining


This book presents an application design that provides public goods and services. The application does not help the government provide the public goods; the intent is to replace the government. The application allows us to start building roads, and anything else, without the government. At least, the executive branch of the government is replaced. The application is a mass bargaining system for trading public goods and services. The application takes the place of the intermediary between the individuals and the firms. The individuals send messages with their demands to the application, while the firms supply the projects. The people give their money to the application, the application gives their money to the private companies. The author starts explaining the economic problem behind the scenes and what field in economics addresses such a problem. Then, the author explains how to apply that economic theory and how it works, the model and the algorithms are derived from scratch. Next, the implementation is discussed. The pseudo-code is fully specified with the support of diagrams. Finally, the key characteristics of the model are analyzed for a conclusion. The complexity is broken by feature, each chapter specifies a feature allowing the partial implementation. The complexity of the book is self-contained and increases smoothly, it just depends on the previous chapters, not on any external source. This book can be read by anyone with a background in mathematics.