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Successful Contract Administration - For Constructors and Design Professionals

Successful Contract Administration - For Constructors and Design Professionals

of: Charles W. Cook

Taylor and Francis, 2014

ISBN: 9781317658511

Format: PDF

Copy protection: DRM

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Price: 79,09 EUR

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Successful Contract Administration - For Constructors and Design Professionals


The success of every construction project begins with reading and understanding the contract. Contract Administrators and Project Managers for all parties in the construction process must realize the major impact their actions have on cost, schedule, and quality in relation to the contract terms and conditions.Written in a clear and accessible way from a Constructor's perspective, Successful Contract Administration guides the student through the critical issues of understanding contract law and obligations for effective project execution. Through examples, exercises, and case studies, this textbook will:Improve knowledge and comprehension of key contract elementsHelp the student apply knowledge to real case scenariosImprove the student's ability to analyze and create different scenarios for successEvaluate critical issues of responsibility and ethics in relation to contract administration.The text is supported by a companion website featuring additional resources for both students and instructors. Resources for the student include additional case studies, links to useful websites, video commentary and interviews for increased understanding of important chapter material, true/false sample quiz questions and a flashcard glossary to reinforce comprehension of key terms and concepts. Additional instructor material includes a testbank of questions, (including true/false, multiple choice, and sample essay questions), website links to contract documents and PowerPoint slides.