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Urban Innovation and Upgrading in China Shanty Towns - Changing the Rules of Development

of: Pengfei Ni, Banji Oyeyinka, Fei Chen

Springer-Verlag, 2014

ISBN: 9783662439050 , 204 Pages

Format: PDF, Read online

Copy protection: DRM

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Urban Innovation and Upgrading in China Shanty Towns - Changing the Rules of Development


By using field survey and World Bank investment project evaluation method, this book investigates the experience of slum rebuilding in Liaoning province, China. It figures out that the experience of Liaoning province is relatively successful and can be of great significance for developing countries and regions. The issue of slums is a huge challenge in the process of global urbanization. The population living in slums is 0.8 billion worldwide and the number is still growing. International organizations (e.g., the World Bank) and relevant countries have been working on the rebuilding of slums but only a few succeeded. In recent years, since some scholars believe that government should play dominant role in slums rebuilding, Liaoning province has developed a systematical model in slums rebuilding from 2005. This model emphasizes the guidance of government, market functions and society involvement. With the application of the new model, Liaoning province has improved 2.11 million people's living conditions from 2005 to 2010. By introducing the conditions, history, rebuilding process and rebuilding methods of Liaoning slums, this book provides new information and data for slum rebuilding decision makers and researchers.

Ni Pengfei, PhD in Economics, director of the Center for City and Competitiveness of CASS, Professor, doctoral tutor, 'China Urban Competitiveness Report' editor, 'SMEs reform and development' project evaluation specialist for the United Nations Development Programme, co-editor of 'Global Urban Competitiveness Report', jointly prepared the 'Urban Globalization Index' with Professor Peter Taylor of the British Royal Academy of Social Sciences, Adjunct Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University, Southeast University and Korea Science and Technology University, Secretary General of transnational project of Global Urban Competitiveness, team leader of China Urban Competitiveness Report, vice-chairman of CASS Youth Humanities and Social Sciences Center, Deputy Secretary-General of Chinese Urban Science Council, Deputy Secretary General of Chinese Society of Urban Development , Deputy Secretary-General of Chinese Society of Urban Economy , government economic adviser of Chengdu , Taiyuan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Handan and Zhumadian, etc. Representative works: China Urban Competitiveness Report , winner of the 11th Sun Yefang Book Award, 2005.