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Methodological and theoretical problems with Janis' groupthink theory

of: Marcos Alonso Rodriguez

GRIN Verlag , 2014

ISBN: 9783656704782 , 11 Pages

Format: PDF, Read online

Copy protection: DRM

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Methodological and theoretical problems with Janis' groupthink theory


Seminar paper from the year 2005 in the subject Psychology - Social Psychology, grade: 67, Nottingham Trent University, language: English, abstract: This academic paper analyzes the theoretical and methodological problems with Janis´ groupthink theory. Groupthink is 'a mode of thinking that people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in-group when the members' strivings for unanimity override their motivation to realistically appraise alternative courses of action' and 'a deterioration of mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgement that results from in-group pressure (Janis, 1982, p. 9). Therefore it is seen as a process which turns competent and prolific groups into incompetent and unproductive ones on the basis of defective decision making.