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Humor, Laughter and Human Flourishing - A Philosophical Exploration of the Laughing Animal

of: Mordechai Gordon

Springer-Verlag, 2013

ISBN: 9783319008349 , 100 Pages

Format: PDF, Read online

Copy protection: DRM

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Humor, Laughter and Human Flourishing - A Philosophical Exploration of the Laughing Animal


This book is a philosophical investigation of the significance of humor and laughter, examining its relation to other human phenomena including truth, nihilism, dreams, friendship, intimacy, aesthetic experience, self-transcendence and education. The author addresses the relative neglect of humor and laughter among philosophers of education with this volume, where the focus is on the significance of humor and laughter for human flourishing. 
Central questions are threaded through this work: What does the study of humor and laughter bring to philosophy and specifically to philosophy of education?  How is humorist thinking different from other modes of human knowing? What might happen if we were to respond to the absurdity of human existence with humor and laughter? What insights can be learned from a philosophical investigation of humor in relationship to other human phenomena such as dreams, friendship, intimacy, aesthetic experience and self-transcendence? And, finally, how can humor and laughter enhance human existence and flourishing? 
The author presents groundbreaking insights into what can be gained from a study of humor and laughter about human existence in general and flourishing in particular. 
This work will be of interest to philosophers, especially philosophers of education,  as well as to teachers and educators. Its unique blend of philosophical investigation and humorous discourse is both a rigorous and accessible analysis of humor.